Misdirection can sabotage the best of intentions for success. Through in-depth interviews and qualified assessment, Automated Innovations reveals issues that hinder maximum efficiency within the travel organization. Detailed solutions are presented within a framework designed for simple implementation. Automated Innovations provides consultations that include, but are not limited to:

  • Web Services
  • Assistance in acquisitions and audits
  • Guidance of Scriptwriter Plus conversions
  • Guidance of JavaScript conversions
  • Evaluation and guidance of Viewpoint Customization conversion
  • Direction strategies for marketing
  • Set up of front and back office operations
  • Evaluation of work flow patterns
  • Skills assessment to recommend a specific training path

The Challenge

Your business is competitive, complex, and challenging. You need to find ways of using automation more efficiently. You need to focus your in-house resources on enhancing sales activities and opportunities, not on GDS training, installation, and implementation tasks. GDS vendors focus customer service and support on their most highly productive customer base. Their standard training opportunities are predicated on the concept that “one size fits all” and customized training offerings can be expensive.

The Compelling Reasons

Our services include evaluation, training, scripting, Custom Viewpoint JavaScript integration, system conversion support, creative solutions to specific business needs, integration of 3rd party applications, post-training on-site support, GlobalWare Reporting, and Train-the-Trainer Programs. We also offer follow-up training. We utilize WebEx® extensively to provide timely and comprehensive development reviews and trouble-shooting.

Our custom development services are tailored to meet your requirements. Project Management and Implementation services ensure that you have a clear roadmap to achieving your goals. Post-training and implementation support provide you with the assurance that follow-up is thorough and timely. And while the success of individual training efforts is largely influenced by the aptitude and attitude of the student and management direction, we believe that our training programs will stimulate, excite, and create an atmosphere conducive to learning. You will receive detailed feedback on all students.

The Choice

We realize that for training and product implementation to be the most successful, it must be tailored to fit the specific needs of the user. Our concept is to work with you and your staff, to truly understand your unique business needs, and develop innovative solutions designed to enhance your individuality. Regardless of the size and scope of the project we are dedicated to providing these services at a reasonable cost, while giving our fullest attention to every detail of your requirements.

The Guarantee

We guarantee any service that you contract from us. If you are not fully satisfied that our services have met your contracted requirements, we will work with you until all outstanding issues have been resolved. We offer this guarantee because we will fully understand your goals and objectives, prior to entering into an agreement, and we will consult with you often throughout the project to insure that we are on the right course. We will also provide you with complete project documentation for future reference and a detailed accounting of expenses.